House of Pain SoCal Boxing and Fitness Club
House of Pain SoCal Boxing and Fitness Club

Dave was in shape for most of his life but in 1999 decided to take a break from the healthy lifestyle and dedicate his time and attention to his businesses, Graphic Edge and Diamondback Installations. As his businesses grew so did his waistline. Indulging in rich, fatty Mexican meals and feeding his Coke addiction and no, we don’t mean the kind that comes in white powdery form. We mean the other highly addictive Coke that tastes sweet and refreshing. At the end of the day, he was consuming 5,000-6,000 calories throughout the day.

Any type of reflection was avoided at this point. Mounting insecurities kept him away from pictures and mirrors. The embarrassment and discomfort were leading to frustration, anger, and depression.

One evening as Dave sat on the couch watching tv and eating potato chips and drinking an ice-cold Coke, as usual, his son ran into the house excited towards his dad. Finding his dad on the couch he stopped in his tracks and started to retreat leaving Dave wondering what turned his son’s excitement into disappointment.

Dave later asked his son why his excitement turned to disappointment. His son proceeded to tell him that he was excited to ask him if he would come out and play basketball with him like all the other fathers but hesitated when he saw him on the couch realizing he was too fat to play. This incident with his son and the picture you see is the reality that Dave faced at this time along with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, borderline diabetes, and major hypoglycemia.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, he reached out to his friend Ira Kelly, who had hired Dave’s firm Graphic Edge inc. to help his new home gym with marketing and business identity. Ready to change his life and realizing how much trouble he was in and that he was truly in a life or death situation, Dave decided to turn to Ira, who is a retired 20 year Marine Corp Physical Fitness Instructor who trained the elite of the Marine Corp. No better person to whip him into shape.

Ira never judged Dave’s condition, he only helped him find his path to becoming a better version of himself. This path fired a passion within him that he never knew was there even after being involved In multiple sports such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Football to say the least.

House of Pain SoCal Boxing and Fitness Club
House of Pain SoCal Boxing and Fitness Club

In 2005, Dave attended Mr. Olympia and there was no turning back from that day forward. Dave was hooked now and the experience was the straw that broke the camel's back. After one year of training, good nutrition, and losing over 100lbs. The professional fat guy was laid to rest and the Dave God intended him to be was now on the right path by helping others who had the same fight and struggles (Food). His passion from here on out was to play a huge role in assisting others in changing their lives.

Dave has been an established Beacon for his Clients since 2005 and has now coached nearly 3000 people to a better version of themselves.

Sometimes people’s decisions can affect other people’s lives. I’m thankful that in 2005 Dave decided to change his life and choose his path as a personal trainer/coach. This one decision he made allowed me to 13 years later, start my health journey with the help of Dave’s knowledge and training. Like Dave, I also got sick and tired of being sick and tired and am now on the path to becoming a better version of myself.

- M. Noemi

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